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Each items is carefully handcrafted from start to finish with personal details that will have the entire family talking.

Turn an old Fur into a Family Heirloom

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Grandma's old Fur Coat



Fuzz the Big Heritage Bear


Turn an old Fur into a Family Heirloom

In days gone by, many mothers, aunts and friends wore coats made of or trimmed with fur.  Today, these once expensive coats are often left hanging in the back of a closet or are packed away in the trunk. 

Lisa MacDonald Waite can turn 'your' fur or 'mine' into a cuddly Furbear, or any of his friends to give and share with family members, and your friends.


 Each Furbear and friend comes with its' own identification tag which includes the personalized identity of the owner, along with its series number.

All Furbears and friends are handcrafted with care and precision.  They are all filled with new fibre fill.

Custom Orders from your own Family Leather and Fur